Effective communication plays a very important role in any business. Even with increased popularity of digital communication through email, texting, web page forms and social media, a personal phone call, which connects a caller with a human voice, is still an important business component.

Despite the fact that number of voice calls and short messages is dropping year by year due to increased usage of free internet voice and messaging services, business telephony is far from disappearing. In fact, advanced business communication is in increase, attracting more and more companies, looking for reliable, cost effective communication and collaboration solutions. It is not only business telephony any more, but we should talk about the business communication, combining voice and video telephony, messaging, presence and collaboration tools in a centralized solution that increases productivity of the employees and decreases total cost of ownership.

Efficient communication is crucial for running a successful business. Actually, there are three topics that matter for a business oriented company, and present key factors when deciding for the business telephony solution:

  • efficient and professional communication with their clients and prospects that will present them in a professional way and help to increase the sale
  • advanced internal communication and collaboration that will increase productivity of the employees
  • decreasing total cost of ownership of the communication system including investment in infrastructure, maintenance and operational cost as well as cost of phone calls. Replacement of legacy PBX with cloud based service will reduce the cost of internal and external maintenance and will result in cost savings of up to 90%.

Deverto Business Telephony successfully address all above mentioned topics and enable carriers to offer a competitive business telephony service that opens new market segments, generate new revenues and increase ARPU.
Please download the technical paper How Business Telephony can Increase ARPU for the Carrier? in order to get more details about challenges and benefits that business telephony can bring, as well as to learn how carrier is able to improve the service with business telephony.