Tequet Service Platform

Differentiate on the market with flexible service delivery platform for mobile and fixed networks


Rapid Service Creation

Easy to use configuration allows you to quickly configure the designed service without development skills and shorten time to market

Minimized Integration Cost

Configurable signaling and charging interfaces and adaptable database connections reduce the need for costly integrations


Simplified Service Deployment

You are able to quickly test, simulate and deploy configured service to increase service quality and user satisfaction.

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Why Tequet Service Platform?

Fully configurable, flexible platform that minimizes operating costs, preserves the existing value added services and solves the network specific issues


Rapid creation of new advanced services across legacy and IMS/VoLTE networks that will enable operator to differentiate on the market

Introduction of innovative services with flexible charging models focused on improving user experience that increase customer loyalty and decrease churn


Open service delivery that requires only configuration changes and no development competences, reducing investment cost for the service introduction

Ability to solve network specific problems with signaling or charging adaptations that reduce the need for costly network changes

Advanced troubleshooting tools that decrease operating cost, improve service quality and user satisfaction

Reduce cost by consolidating all services on a proven software based architecture installed on standard servers or virtualized environment

Flexible business models adapted to operator’s expectations with optimized initial investment and pay as you grow approach

Usage scenarios

IMS Application Server

Tequet Service Platform can be configured to act as an SIP based application server on top of the IMS architecture, bring existing IN services to the VoLTE users and allow rapid creation of new services

Fraud Protection

Efficiently protect your network and users from fraudulent calls, signalling and short messages using flexible rules for controlling signalling sessions and block or report fraud attacks

Service Broker

Define service selection logic to control many different services, combine existing services in new combinations or add new service logic on top of the existing services and simplify your network

Service Delivery

Tequet Service Platform acts as an IN based Service Control Point and efficiently replaces the existing IN platforms that are either coming out of support or their operating cost is simply too high

Charging Adaptations

Use Tequet Service Platform with configurable signalling and charging interfaces, to act as a proxy between different network elements and billing and adapt different charging formats and protocols

Database Front-End

Use Tequet Service Platform as a single interface toward centralized database and various interfaces toward network nodes, interoperating to different database types and adapting to existing database schemas

IVR and Conferencing

Introduce advanced IVR or conferencing services as an add-on to existing messaging or voice services or use it as a new revenue generating services such as rich ring back tones and announcements or advertisement

Network Specific Problems

With Tequet Service Platform you are able to solve any problematic scenario, as long as platform can be put in the signalling flow, using any of the supported signalling protocols

Unmatched Flexibility

Configurable Signaling Interfaces

Support for all required protocols

With SIP for multimedia sessions, INAP and CAP for IN based service control, MAP for mobile services, DIAMETER for AAA and many others, you are fully covered

Protocol adaptations and interworking

Interworking between protocols or adaptation of specific protocol fields is possible with only configuration changes, eliminating the need for costly development

Same service rules for different protocols

Create the service and corresponding processing rules once and use it with different protocols for VoLTE/IMS, 2G/3G or VoIP users

Flexible Routing and Processing Rules


Context Variables

Benefit from advanced decision making or modifications of signalling fields with conditions based on the session context or user defined variables

Execution Statements

Configure charging and reporting actions, reject or reroute sessions, discard messages, modify any context variable or trigger actions toward external systems

Advanced Service Rules

With easy to use python scripting you are able to create complex processing rules, to differentiate on the market without the need for highly skilled programmers

Adaptable Database Connections


Database Based Rules

Database can be used for storing charging data and signalling related variables, to make decisions based on stored data or to trigger events to the external systems

Various Connection Types

Beside MySQL, Oracle, PostGreSQL and LDAP connectors, external systems can be accessed for decision making information using Diameter, Radius, MAP, INAP, DNS/ENUM or HTTP

Flexible Database Schema

With fully configurable queries you are able to adapt to existing database schemas without modifications on the existing system, avoiding costly and time consuming integrations

Interactive Media Control


Media Security

control media streams with RTP proxy, codec control and transcoding functions, secure it with NAT traversal, topology hiding, media port control and IP address overlapping

Interactive Services

improve experience of your users with advanced services such as interactive voice response, announcements, ring back tone server, conferencing or call related tones

Dynamic Voice Services

Automate voice services and bring interactivity to the next level with built in, easy to use scripting language or standard based VoXML capabilities

Adjustable Charging Interfaces


Online and Offline Charging

introduce online or offline charging with charging records being stored on local disk file, written to database or sent to external systems using RADIUS, Diameter or HTTP

Configurable Charging Records

you are able to fully define CDR format including any signalling context or user variables, decreasing the need for complex and costly billing integrations

Charging Collection Function

aggregate charging data from various nodes, correlate, verify and manipulate that data and control CDR generation and manipulation from the central system

Simplified Troubleshooting


Flexible Logging

take full control on which operational and error events, signalingmessages or counters are dispatched to log files, SNMP or syslog servers

Element Management System

use the web based interface to monitor alarms and aggregated system and messages of a specific call from all Tequet nodes, for simplified troubleshooting

Performance Measurement

proactively control your service with configurable thresholds and statistical graphs showing performance, system resource and message or call related metrics