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Deverto Systems Ltd.

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We provide clear path to the future based on the innovative products

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We listen to the customers and deliver custom tailored solutions in a rapid manner

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Our Story

Deverto Systems is a NGN/all IP communications equipment provider which has been present on the mobile and fixed communication market since 2001. Our mission is to invent and innovate voice, video and messaging solutions for mobile and fixed carriers as virtualized network functions. Our product portfolio covers a wide range of field-proven solutions and products starting from SS7 based PSTN interconnections to transit and subscriber switching systems including hosted PBX and unified communications solution for business customers, advanced call / service control solutions for fixed and mobile, SMS and IM advanced delivery, SS7/SMS fraud protection, NGN and IMS/VoLTE solutions.

All of our systems are based on our Tequet solution delivery platform. It is a robust, carrier-grade software framework supporting the relevant signaling protocols, advanced routing, filtering and interworking functions, clustering, geo-redundancy, charging, OAM and database interfaces. Tequet has a modularized, highly concurrent, distributed architecture with focus on real time operation, high performance and scalability.

Since we started, we have developed a software system that runs on general purpose hardware. Network function virtualization has been one of our key design goals ever since.

We have multiple fully built, well tested and instantly available solutions for multiple common service requirements. Thanks to the modular, layered architecture of the Tequet system, we can, however, easily adapt system capabilities to the mission specific requirements or develop unique solutions as well in a rapid manner. This ensures short time-to-market cycles while keeping the associated costs low.

We provide reliable, carrier class support services for our deployed solutions with 15+ years of experience in the industry. We work closely with our customers on planning, designing and setting up new systems or making changes, tailoring the solutions to the mission specific requirements.